Pastor Ian MacFarlane

Pastor Ian was born in Moncton New Brunswick, when he was three his family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Ian was raised there. Halifax is the only home he has ever known. Pastor Ian worked for a short time as a Data Engineer in the offshore oil industry, then God gave him the desire for Christian Education and eventually full-time Christian Ministry.

He has graduated from Trinity Bible College, and Southern Seminary and has his Masters of Divinity. Pastor Ian has also been a missionary in Australia, but part of Him has always had Halifax in his heart.

He is married to a wonderful woman whose name is Joy, and God has given them both a beautiful little girl named Nerida and a son William.

As a child of God, he is continuing to discover the abundant life of Christ and enjoying the life and activity of Christ in his life. He yearns to see Christ living through and for the Lord's Church.

Ian & Joy MacFarlane

                Ian and Joy MacFarlane